On 05/15/2012 09:40 AM, Jakub Adam wrote:
> On 15.5.2012 07:52, Niels Thykier wrote:
>> On 2012-05-15 06:38, tony mancill wrote:
>>> On 05/14/2012 08:18 AM, Jakub Adam wrote:
>>>> In my opinion libswt-gtk-3.5-java and libswt-3-gtk-java are not in
>>>> conflict,
>>>> generally it's ok to have them installed both. The problem is in
>>>> tuxguitar
>>>> package itself which will not work with SWT 3.5.
>>>> So I suggest that we make tuxguitar to conflict with
>>>> libswt-gtk-3.5-java
>>>> (and maybe also with libswt-gtk-3.4-java and libswt-gtk-3.6-java I see
>>>> in Grant's package list too).
>>> Hi Jakub,
>>> There are times in the past when tuxguitar explicitly depended on
>>> libswt-gtk-3.5-jar, so it seems odd to say that tuxguitar won't work
>>> with it.  What seems to be the case is that tuxguitar won't work when
>>> both -3.5 and -3 packages are install.
> Sorry, I was wrong with my statement. I thought libswt-cairo-gtk-3555.so
> was for some reason not built in swt-gtk 3.5, but I missed it is packaged
> separately in libswt-cairo-gtk-3.5-jni.
>> I believe that swt uses alternatives for the swt.jar, so if you have an
>> older version of libswt-*-java providing the alternative without (all)
>> the relevant -jni package =>  "boom".  Now that should not be possible to
>> do, but it is...
>> """
>> un  libswt-gnome-gtk-3.5-jni<none>   [...]
>> un  libswt-gnome-gtk-3.6-jni<none>   [...]
>> [...]
>> ii  libswt-gtk-3.5-java             3.5.1-5 [...]
>> ii  libswt-gtk-3.6-java             3.6.2-1 [...]
>> """
>> Presumably the dependency relations on the old -jni packages (or on the
>> old -java packages) are not strong enough.
> I'd like to note that even the most recent libswt-gtk-3-java doesn't have a
> strong dependency on all its -jni packages. For example
> libswt-cairo-gtk-3-jni
> is neither a dependency nor a suggestion in any other package created from
> swt-gtk (except -gcj which is not relevant in this case I suppose). If
> it was
> meant to be changed in the past, presumably it wasn't done.
> I don't think this is something wrong, as it allows to install only what is
> really needed, as long as applications list all the -jni packages they
> require.
> Tuxguitar does this, but only for libswt-gtk-3-java and doesn't expect that
> any alternative can be present, therefore it may crash.
> So I think we would have to change its Depends to something like:
>   Depends: libswt-gtk-3-java | libswt-gtk-3.5-java,
>            libswt-cairo-gtk-3-jni | libswt-cairo-gtk-3.5-jni,
>            ... etc
> ... or get rid of the alternatives.

That change to depends won't have the desired effect.  All that
expresses is "either libswt-gtk-3-java or libswt-gtk-3.5-java or both"
which is what we are trying to avoid.  I believe you want to express an
exclusive (XOR) in there - one or other, but not both.

When you say "get rid of the alternatives," I'm not sure what you mean.
 Tuxguitar only lists the following swt dependencies:
libswt-gtk-3-java, libswt-cairo-gtk-3-jni, and libswt-webkit-gtk-3-jni.
 It sounds like we might be back to conflicting with libswt-gtk-3.5-java.

In any event, I'm still able to run tuxguitar on sid with both 3.5 and 3
packages installed, so I'm not convinced we've ironed out the precise
cause of the bug.


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