Niels Thykier:
>   I am planning on a rewrite of jh_makepkg and have therefore not
> applied your patch as-is.

I wasn't aware (forgot) about jh_makepkg and just had a look at it. I don't 
think we should have 2 dh-make-* style programs in the java team: jh_makepkg 
and mh_make. It's already enough logic duplication between dh-make, dh-make-
perl, dh-make-php, dh-make-drupal, gem2deb, python-stdeb, haskell-devscripts, 

We might be the only language team that does not use its own programming 
language for this kind of tool. While I'm more fluent in Python, it might be 
better to converge on Perl as much of javahelper is already written in Perl.

Niels: What are your plans for the jh_makepkg rewrite?


Thomas Koch,

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