On Tue Apr 09 18:00, Thomas Koch wrote:
> Niels Thykier:
> >   I am planning on a rewrite of jh_makepkg and have therefore not
> > applied your patch as-is.
> I wasn't aware (forgot) about jh_makepkg and just had a look at it. I don't 
> think we should have 2 dh-make-* style programs in the java team: jh_makepkg 
> and mh_make. It's already enough logic duplication between dh-make, dh-make-
> perl, dh-make-php, dh-make-drupal, gem2deb, python-stdeb, haskell-devscripts, 

Well, mh_make just does maven packages, whereas jh_makepkg (was intended) to
cover all the common options. Perhaps they should be merged, but that's up to
the mh folks. Only having mh_make would be sad, I think.


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