On 05/30/2013 12:49 PM, Arno Töll wrote:
> Hi,
>> To minimize the breakage to our Sid users, we'd ask all of you having a
>> transitioned package ready in Experimental, to make an upload to Sid
>> AFTER the 13:52 UTC dinstall, and BEFORE 19:52 UTC [1].
> Apache 2.4 is in Unstable now. Please upload asap, or let me know if I
> shall NMU.

Hello Arno,

I'll take a look at updating the package tonight based on Damien's work
on libapache-mod-jk 1:1.2.35-1.  Or if you have a debdiff ready to go,
please attach it to the bug report.  No need for an NMU.

Thank you,

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