Hi Arno and Tony,

2013/5/30 Arno Töll <a...@debian.org>

> Hi Tony,
> On 30.05.2013 22:30, tony mancill wrote:
> > I'll take a look at updating the package tonight based on Damien's work
> > on libapache-mod-jk 1:1.2.35-1.  Or if you have a debdiff ready to go,
> > please attach it to the bug report.  No need for an NMU.
> no I don't, but I had the same plan as you, that is to take the existing
> package in Experimental and possibly upload that to Sid.

 I was planning to work on this package tomorow evening, but no problem if
you beat me (merging back changes done in 1.2.35-1 should do it).

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