Very sorry about the delay - I didn't get your email.

> Can we generally apply this patch or could it break something else in
> some cases?

So far the change has simply lead to slow graphics rendering in freeplane (interestingly when you get to the second/third line of a node it suddenly speeds up mind), but without corruption.

There is a separate failure where freeplane suddenly ignores all keyboard input, but I later confirmed this also happened under the normal graphics engine, so shouldn't be related (I can report this bug, but there is nothing useful I can say about it - I have to restart freeplane at this point).

> What is your experience with OpenJDK? Does it work properly (with this
> patch)? Now that OpenJDK7 has (almost) the same codebase as OracleJDK7
> (that's what the OpenJDK folks told me), I think we should try to
> support it.

Currently I use Eclipse, RSSOwl, and now I2P - OpenJDK seems to behave.

Aside from the strange keyboard issue, the other major failure I've seen is with Open Wonderland ( - the game/experience is unusable, I'm told due to - you can see the long thread I had here -!topic/openwonderland/-c3P211bjGI). This of course is non-essential.

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