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2013/9/1 Emmanuel Bourg <ebo...@apache.org>

> Le 01/09/2013 03:26, Miguel Landaeta a écrit :
> > A POM file with 'debian' or '2.x' version should be provided with this
> > package.
> The Maven plugins don't have a generic 'debian' or 1.x version, but I'm
> not sure to understand why.
> Ludovic, Damien, do you remember the reason behind this choice ?

IIRC, it was an issue with Maven 2.x handling of plugin default version :
Maven use a super-pom (embeded inside maven-core.jar AFAIK)
which enforce versions of some plugins when user doesn't define a specific

Maybe we should recheck this behavior with new Maven 3.x dependency

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