On 14.10.2013 12:00, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> The point is, this installs openjdk-6-jdk by preference because it's first in
> the Build-Depends; and the only parts of openjdk-7 that get pulled in by other
> packages are -jre-headless and -jre-lib.

Indeed. The alternative build-dependency on openjdk-6-jdk is obsolete
and this conflicts with the settings in debian/rules for JAVA_HOME_DIRS.
The JAVA_HOME environment variable points to openjdk-7 whereas openjdk-6
gets installed by default. It seems the default pbuilder behavior is
somehow smarter than the classic one.

I have prepared a new revision for batik and committed everything to the
svn repository of the package. I believe the changes will fix this bug.



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