On Sat, 2014-05-03 at 16:03 -0300, Miguel Landaeta wrote:
> FYI: If there are not objections and I don't stumble upon any other
> blocker issue, I intend to upload groovy2 package during the next week
> to unstable.

That works for me.

Gradle 1.12 was released a few days ago. It will be the last in the 1.x
series, the next Gradle will be 2.0 and it will depend on Groovy 2,
probably 2.2.2. My guess is that it will be 4 to 8 weeks, but I am not a
Gradle insider. I can find out more if that would help.

As far as I am aware no other mainstream Groovy-based system depends on
Groovy 1: Griffon, Grails, Gant, Lazybones, GroovyFX, all work on Groovy

Groovy 2.3 is in release candidate cycle, and is the first Groovy to
officially support Java 8, though it still works with Java 6 for those
who have not yet realized that 6 is a dead version of Java :-)
Personally I only use Java 8 and have done for many, many months.

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