I keep working on this.

So far, I was able to build 2.2.8 in Debian and this should fix all
the serious bugs with this packages. I did this simplifying the build
and replacing ant with javahelper. Another option is to keep using
ant since Markus did some work in a branch.

However, as I said previously 2.2.8 introduces a new dependency on
Java EE 6/7 APIs but I found out some issues with the APIs source

According to 
that code is dual licensed under GPLv2 and CDDL.

However there are some .java files in the source with confidential
clauses and some weird non-free disclaimers. Maybe those disclaimers
are outdated, I have to confirm this and if everything is OK, then get
that package in the archive.

Another option is to check if some mojarra features depending on those
APIs can be disabled.

I'll post again when I have more info.

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