> We never shipped 0.90.7 within Debian -- am I assuming correctly that
> you used the .deb files provided by upstream?

Yes, this is very likely. I must have forgot this, apologies for not mentioning
it before. This must be it.

> What output do you get when you run something like the following?

I've attached the output. Looks like the lock location is owned by root and is
thus not writable. Am I correct to assume that /usr/share/elasticsearch/data
should be owned by elasticsearch?

> What java packages do you have installed?

ii  ca-certificates-java            20140324       all
ii  libatk-wrapper-java             0.30.5-1       all
ii  libdom4j-java                   1.6.1+dfsg.3-2 all
ii  libhyperic-sigar-java           1.6.4+dfsg-2   amd64
ii  libisorelax-java                20041111-8     all
ii  libjaxen-java                   1.1.6-1        all
ii  libjdom1-java                   1.1.3-1        all
ii  libjna-java                     4.1.0-1        all
ii  libjts-java                     1.11-1         all
ii  liblog4j1.2-java                1.2.17-5       all
ii  liblucene4-java                 4.6.1+dfsg-1   all
ii  libmsv-java                     2009.1+dfsg1-4 all
ii  librelaxng-datatype-java        1.0+ds1-3      all
ii  libspatial4j-java               0.3-1          all
ii  libxerces2-java                 2.11.0-7       all
ii  libxml-commons-external-java    1.4.01-2       all
ii  libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java 1.2-7          all
ii  libxom-java                     1.2.10-1       all
ii  libxpp2-java                    2.1.10-7       all
ii  libxpp3-java                    1.1.4c-2       all
ii  tzdata-java                     2014h-2        all


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