* Gillu:

>> We never shipped 0.90.7 within Debian -- am I assuming correctly that
>> you used the .deb files provided by upstream?
> Yes, this is very likely. I must have forgot this, apologies for not
> mentioning it before. This must be it.

No worries. :-)

>> What output do you get when you run something like the following?
> I've attached the output. Looks like the lock location is owned by
> root and is thus not writable. Am I correct to assume that
> /usr/share/elasticsearch/data should be owned by elasticsearch?

Not quite. Debian's package adheres to the Filesystem Hierarchy
Standard: Data that may be written to does not belong into /usr/.

| {1.0.3}: Initialization Failed ...
| - ElasticsearchIllegalStateException[Failed to obtain node lock, is the 
following location writable?: [/usr/share/elasticsearch/data/elasticsearch]]
|       IOException[failed to obtain lock on 
|               IOException[Cannot create directory: 

We don't actually ship a /usr/share/elasticsearch/data directory -- the
data is put into /var/lib/elasticsearch instead. Please check if you
have path.data set in your elasticsearch.yml.


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