On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 10:19:19PM +0100, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Thank you for the update. It's safe to assume the date always follow the
> comment specified, the Javadoc for the store() method states:
> "Next, a comment line is always written, consisting of an ASCII #
> character, the current date and time (as if produced by the toString
> method of Date for the current time), and a line separator as generated
> by the Writer."


> The call to Arrays.sort() isn't necessary but it doesn't hurt.

I couldn't see any evidence that the properties would always come out in
the same order; it looks like it defers to Hashtable, which definitely
doesn't have defined iteration order (in theory, but probably does in
practice (unless any of that security-driven randomized hashCode stuff
went in (which I can't see any evidence of))).

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