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> Hi Miguel.  I've just been going over the status of jruby1.7  and the work
> that's still required.  Looking in the core/pom.xml file there are a bunch
> of jnr-* dependencies that Tony and I have started on, but if you want
> some easy wins there are a handful of libraries by headius that are also
> needed.
> * invokebinder
> * coro-mock
> * unsafe-mock
> * options
> * jsr292-mock

Hi Tim,

Regarding jruby 1.7, in the last weeks I was checking and testing its maven
build system to get a simple non-free .deb and after that my plan was to take
a look at the missing dependencies. So, thanks for sending this short list
of dependencies. I'll file ITP bugs for the ones I can package.

> Would you be interested in packaging these libraries?

Yes, I am. I can take care of coro-mock and some simpler ones.


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