On 03/10/2015 06:14 PM, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Le 10/03/2015 17:50, Sebastiaan Couwenberg a écrit :
>> I can take care of gpsprune and josm.
> Thank you, I'll look into Tika.
>> The next version to be released next month will be compatible, its version
>> is not yet known, as it's based on the SVN revision.
>> The current version and older will break, so if you want to add the Breaks
>> already I suggest (<< 0.0.svn8110).
> I think I'll wait for the updated packages to be staged in experimental
> and specify the Breaks field when we are ready to upload
> metadata-extractor 2.7 to unstable.

I'd like to move josm (0.0.svn8159+dfsg1-1) and jmapviewer (1.07+dfsg-1)
to unstable, but this requires the libmetadata-extractor-java to be
moved there first.

JOSM upstream has recently switched to JCS for their caching needs,
libcommons-jcs-java is not yet packaged for Debian but I'm looking into
it (there seem to be some missing build dependencies though).

Before focusing on the latest JOSM with its JCS requirement I'd like to
get the current version in experimental into unstable.

Would you consider backporting libmetadata-extractor-java (2.7.2-1) to
jessie-backports too? If possible I'd like to support josm & gpsprune in

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