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> On Tue, 28 Jul 2015 22:38:40 +0200 Moritz Muehlenhoff <j...@debian.org> wrote:
> > Package: groovy
> > Severity: serious
> >
> > A separate source package groovy2 was uploaded, so reverse dependencies
> > need to be migrated to that one and groovy removed.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >         Moritz
> >
> >
> Hi Moritz and all pkg-java members,
> I am wondering if it is better to upgrade groovy to the latest version
> (2.4.5 as of now) and drop groovy2, and migrate all build-rdeps of old
> Groovy 1.x to using a separate groovy-1.8 or groovy-1.9 package if
> necessary. In the end that we get rid of groovy and remain a groovy2
> package seems odd. Anyway BND, Maven are under the similar transition.
> Since GSoC I have been maintaining Gradle in Debian so I am happy and
> willing to do the transition.

Hi Kai-Chung,

I think upgrading src:groovy to version 2.x is a good idea. Though it is
more important that we upgrade all reverse dependencies of groovy 1.x to
to groovy 2.x first, so that we can drop one source package before the
Stretch release.

These are the current reverse dependencies in unstable:

freemind -> will be removed from Debian soon because we have a very
similar package already (freeplane)

libspring-java -> must be updated to a newer version

jenkins -> unmaintainable, can be ignored

red5 -> must be updated to a newer version

If you want to update either libspring-java or red5, that would be a big



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