Am 11.12.2015 um 21:16 schrieb Miguel Landaeta:
>> red5 -> must be updated to a newer version
> Emmanuel sent a patch for this. Please see #805627.
>> If you want to update either libspring-java or red5, that would be a big
>> help.
> To package libspring-java new upstream releases is a task that would
> be very appreciated although is not easy but with the recent progress
> in Maven and Gradle helpers (thanks to Emmanuel again!) maybe this is
> something more feasible nowadays.
> Regarding red5, I'm not quite sure how much is used in Debian
> nowadays. Maybe we should contact Damien to check if he agrees to
> transfer its maintenance to pkg-java. I'm ccing him just in case.


we can always consider to fix red5 with a NMU. We just should raise the
severity accordingly before we do that.

I hope I can lend you a hand with an update of libspring-java after I
have packaged the latest netbeans release. Perhaps you can write a short
TODO list and push it to the libspring-java repo, which upstream should
be packaged, if we have to package new dependencies and where you need



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