Am 13.04.2016 um 10:32 schrieb Jan Henke:
> Hi,
> I would prefer this. An extra option while creating the package to give it 
> the highest priority.
> Markus, while in principle I agree with you, sadly my job requires me to use 
> the propritary JDK. I do think this use case should be as simple as possible 
> and not made more difficult "because it is non free software".
> Best Regards,
> Jan Henke

I also have to use the proprietary JDK from time to time to test my
software. However I think Debian is about free software and everything
we do should reflect this and thus OpenJDK was made the default JDK/JRE.

I also don't see the difficulties in using

        sudo update-alternatives --config java

after the installation of the Oracle JDK and to change the default to
the preferred one. That would have taken less time than to file this bug



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