Am 13.04.2016 um 11:43 schrieb Jan Henke:
> Free Software also means the freedom of choice. Yes, using free software is 
> preferably, but not always we can do that. This package's main purpose is to 
> enable non-free software to integrate as good as possible into Debian. You 
> have to acknowledge there is non-free software in the world and it is being 
> used, sometimes deliberately.

First of all I'm not aggressive just because I disagree with you. Even
if you may think so right now, I have just a different opinion what
should be the default in Debian. I understand that java-package is a
helper to package non-free software and there is nothing wrong with this
use case. I just don't think that we need to change a thing because it
is not hard to switch between different Java implementations at the moment.

> I opened this bug not just for myself, but to ask for something, that in my 
> opinion constitutes an improvement to this package and helps other people as 
> well. After I have been following the Java mailing lists for quite some time, 
> I am disappointed about this (in my opinion) aggressive replies to this bug.

Understood. And I beg to disagree with you in this case.

> I really appreciate Emanuel's suggestion, which would really solve the 
> problem for me and also keep the current default for everyone else. Having 
> the chance to make the new package the default simplifies the process for 
> many people. It keeps the current default and those, who will use the extra 
> parameter, would use the proprietary JDK as default anyway. So I fail to see 
> where that harms the free software. It just makes the life easier for some 
> people.

Yes, that's why we set the severity to wishlist and didn't mark the bug
as "wontfix". That means that we consider your bug report as an
improvement suggestion but someone needs to implement it first.

> Can we agree on adding Emanuel's proposal as an additional option and 
> otherwise refrain from ideological discussion about free vs non-free software 
> please?

Yes, I agree with Emmanuel's proposal and I never stated something
different. However it is my firm belief that using the right defaults is
important and it should come to no surprise if OpenJDK has a higher
priority than Oracle JDK in Debian. I also find the current way of
switching between JDKs not inconvenient. And that is all what I wrote in
my previous mails.



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