On Thu, 14 Jul 2016, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

> Le 13/07/2016 à 22:45, Santiago Vila a écrit :
> > I have the ok from the Release Managers to consider this issue
> > as RC for stretch.
> > 
> > I'm going to wait a week before raising severities, but since this bug
> > is in pending state, I'd appreciate if you could make an upload
> > before that.
> Hi,
> Uploading now a fixed version of openjfx would just be a waste of
> bandwidth and space on the mirrors and snapshot.debian.org (about 155MB)
> and I'd like to avoid that. According to the Oracle release schedule
> OpenJFX should have two new releases before the freeze, so I'd prefer
> the severity to be only changed shortly before the freeze if a release
> didn't happen.


My suggestion to make an upload was only to clean up the list of bugs
a little bit.

I will change all the severities at once, but I'd just like to point
out that this is (or will be) just a release goal for stretch, not a
security bug in stable or anything like that.

So there should not be a problem with this bug being serious and no
upload happening immediately, because you have just shown that you are
not MIA.


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