Le 14/07/2016 à 16:46, Santiago Vila a écrit :

> Not exactly. This issue is really about packages failing in the "Arch: all"
> autobuilder, or, in other words, "packages which may not be uploaded
> in source-only form".

Indeed, and source-only uploads are not mandatory, so this type of issue
shouldn't be declared "serious".

> Following your reasoning, this plain old FTBFS would not have to
> be serious at all, because "since the maintainer already provides
> the .deb packages, there is nothing to worry about".

No that's different, because in this case "dpkg-buildpackage" *and*
"dpkg-buildpackage -A" fail, the package is completely unbuildable
whatever options you use and this is a serious issue. openjfx builds
fine with "dpkg-buildpackage". That's what a user modifying and
rebuilding the package would typically use.

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