Hum old bug, it should have been closed since we use the 0.x version for
this library now.

Le 15/10/2016 à 00:29, Thorsten Glaser a écrit :

> Ideally, yes. I need one in com/google/code/findbugs/jsr305 at the
> very least, to package minify-maven-plugin which depends on Google’s
> closure-compiler, which depends on <version>debian</version> of jsr305
> at least according to:
> /usr/share/maven-repo/com/google/javascript/closure-compiler/debian/closure-compiler-debian.pom
> Shouldn’t *every* artefact have a debian version, anyway?

Every artifact (except the Maven plugins) should have a generic version
that doesn't change with every update. The recommended version is
'debian' because it's the default and doesn't require any extra
substitution rule, but sometimes we use a '<n>.x' version when two
incompatible versions share the same groupId/artifactId (junit 3 and 4
is a good example).

> Anyway, patch attached. I applied to join pkg-java on Alioth; if
> that’s granted I’ll commit and team-upload it, otherwise I might
> consider an NMU unless you prefer to handle this.

I added you to the group, welcome :) The patch isn't strictly
necessary, you could add a substitution rule in the minify-maven-plugin
package (in debian/maven.rules) such as:

  s/ jsr305 * s/.*/0.x/ * *

A 'debian' version wouldn't hurt though, I added a --relocate option to
maven-repo-helper recently to ease the migration from '<n>.x' to
'debian' version or other groupId/artifactId changes.

Emmanuel Bourg

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