Le 4/07/2017 à 17:45, Markus Koschany a écrit :

> I think it is very important that the encoding is handled consistently
> by all build tools. I wanted to fix this for a while now because too
> many times I had to specify UTF-8 explicitly and the build system tried
> to use ASCII. UTF-8 is the de-facto standard encoding in Debian and
> should be a first class citizen in Debian Java too. Thus said I don't
> want to force this on you. Just give me some hints where I have to look
> in the javahelper package and I experiment with the available options
> myself.

I'm all for consistency and UTF-8 everywhere, but in this case it brings
absolutely no benefit. This will just result in package updates
reverting the encoding to ISO-8859-1. In the end this will not really
advance the UTF-8 cause.

This is where the default encoding is specified for jh_build if you want
to modify it:


> Lately I haven't discovered any issues in Maven, so the above might be
> true. Though I still don't understand why there is an ASCII fallback in
> Maven and maybe other Java tools. It appears to be completely
> anachronistic.

Maven doesn't fallback to ASCII, it just uses the default platform
encoding, and on the builders it's ASCII. The day the builders switch to
UTF-8 Maven will also use it by default.

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