Package: libbatik-java
Version: 1.9-1
Followup-For: Bug #875322

Dear Felix,

Two of the changes between batik 1.7 and 1.9 are that upstream now provides pom
files and that batik can be built either with ant or maven. I'm still doing the
build with ant as before.

On inspection it appears that there are some small differences between the jar
files built by ant and maven. In particular, the maven build creates 
batik-i18n.jar and batik-constants.jar whereas the ant build bundles the 
contents of these into batik-util.jar. 

The provided pom files assume that batik has been built with maven, and
therefore the pom file for batic-util includes:


Possible solutions are either to switch to using maven for the build, or to
modify the pom file to remove these dependencies from batic-util.pom. I
propose to do the latter by adding the following rules to debian/maven.rules:

org.apache.xmlgraphics s/batik-constants/batik-util/ jar * * *
org.apache.xmlgraphics s/batik-i18n/batik-util/ jar * * *

(This will have the side effect that batik-util will depend twice on itself 
- the other option would have been to have added these dependencies to the
ignore rules.)


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