Am 08.01.2018 um 20:31 schrieb Salvatore Bonaccorso:
> Ok, thanks a lot for double checking. Again, I'm not sure how pressing
> the issue is, I'm defering a DSA/no-DSA decision to one of my
> teammates. Privilege escalation rings some bells obviously.
> For older versions than 4.3.3, am I right that then the issue is only
> introduced in ab21ca98fd7814bd014e7d8e03de8640f2529352, "HV-912 Not
> exposing accessible-made members", which is in 4.3.2.Final~3 or is it
> more just uncovered there?

I have just uploaded a fix for CVE-2017-7536 to unstable. I think we
don't need a DSA for that because libhibernate-validator-java is only
needed as a build-dependency for libspring-java in Stretch. I intend to
request a stretch-pu instead.

I agree with your assessment and I also believe Wheezy and Jessie are
not affected because the vulnerable code was introduced in the 4.3
branch. The fix improves commit ab21ca98fd7814bd014e7d8e03de8640f2529352
by taking the security manager into account.



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