Le 16/01/2019 à 12:28, Utkarsh Gupta a écrit :
> ...
>     Done. Little question, are you sure this module is useful ? It provides
>     a plugin for markdown-it which isn't available in unstable.
>     That's the reason why I added a minimal test and not the real one
>     (mocha).
> Thank you so much! :D
> I updated and pushed the rest of the changes you suggested.
> Could you please review the same?
> The module was included by Praveen (prav...@debian.org
> <mailto:prav...@debian.org>), so I am sure he must have something in mind.
> I just fixed the error due to which the package was rejected.
> So if it is fine by you, could you review the changes and upload the same?
> Best,
> Utkarsh

I fixed this package. However, it hasn't been pushed to new and I don't
think it is useful to push it since node-markdown-it doesn't exist for
now (even if ruby-team pushed a libjs-markdown-it package [source:
ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it] but without node files).


@Utkarsh: take a look at my changes

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