On 30/01/12 21:32, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Hi Andrew (and others following),

On 12-01-30 at 01:13pm, Andrew Baxter wrote:
I'm emailing partly to introduce myself, and partly with a few
questions about the best way to go about packaging programs based on
node.js for debian.
Welcome to the Debian JavaScript Team!

For the record, our main page is http://wiki.debian.org/Javascript
(already known to you from our prior communication).


Have you subscribed to our mailinglist already?

Debian list posting style is to only cc when explicitly requested.  I
have made an exception with this post, as I am uncertain if you are
subscribed or if not I fear that you might be unaware of that posting
style of ours.  Therefore please either subscribe or explicitly mention
that you'd like to be cc'ed directly on replies.

Sorry, this was a mistake. I am suscribed, but I posted from the wrong email address the first time, and in my second mail I cc'd myself by accident.
It would help if I had a better idea of what the Debian policy is (if
any) on packaging node.js modules, so that I have a better idea of
what I'm working towards. My main question is whether it's necessary
to have a separate package for every dependency of a node.js program,
and if so how the debian package is meant to work with the existing
node build / package management framework? Is there any document on
the web about this?

It seems to me that it would be technically possible to make a working
debian package for the buddycloud webclient using the program's
existing build framework, which installs all the program's
dependencies in subdirectories, and compiles everything into a single
build.tar.gz package. This wouldn't be too hard to do, but I don't
know if this approach is suitable for an official debian package, and
if not what are the specific reasons for not doing it that way?
I believe we have no more written down than is linked to our main wiki
page already.  Which is not much.  Try look at packaging style of
packages already in Debian, and ask questions here on the list so we can
evolve a consensus on any more details that might make sense to write

Ok. I'll do this.

The main question I wanted an answer to is what are the reasons for wanting separate debian packages for each dependent library of a program like the buddycloud web client? I'm assuming the idea is to reduce code duplication between packages, but I'd rather have a definite answer than assume something. Some of the webclient dependencies are quite small, so if this is the reason, it could make sense to include these in the webclient package at first and work on packaging the bigger libraries. For example, 'normalizecss' is included as a git submodule, and maintained as a separate project, but only includes a single short css file.

I was also wondering whether the packages you're building for nodejs are built to work with npm? For example this would be useful for someone who needs to install some node modules not yet in debian - npm would notice the ones already included and only install the extra modules which are needed. This is something I can probably answer for myself by looking at existing packages though.

I'll let you know when I've made some more progress with this.



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