On 31/01/12 14:44, Jérémy Lal wrote:
On 31/01/2012 15:06, Andrew Baxter wrote:
I was thinking that someone might want to install several nodejs based packages 
on their system.
Say one has all its dependencies in debian, and they have all been installed 
that way, but the
other hasn't been packaged for debian. Some of the second project's 
dependencies might be installed
already on their system, but when they used npm to install it, these wouldn't 
be picked up and would
have to be installed twice.
I assume we are talking about npm>= 1.0.

I agree that :

   sudo aptitude install node-pg
   npm link pg

Should give the same result as :

   sudo npm -g install pg
   npm link pg

But this always downloads a fresh copy to ./node_modules :
   npm install pg

If you have a package.json listing 'pg' as one of its deps,
i don't think installing its package by :
   npm install .
will link existing globally installed npm-packages.

If you really want to do that, as a pure npm user you'll have
to do :
   sudo npm -g install pg
   npm link pg
   npm install .

Maybe a future version of npm will allow to skip the extra 'link before install'
step, but until then it does not seem necessary to do that task :
"fix 'npm link xxx' so that modules on node path (not installed by npm) are linked 
as well"

OK, thanks. This makes things a bit clearer.



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