On 09/03/2012 23:14, Ben Finney wrote:
> Jérémy Lal <kapo...@melix.org> writes:
>> On 06/03/2012 19:20, Isaac Schlueter wrote:
>>> In other words, if the terms of this license keep npm out of Debian
>>> Stable, or any particular distro, then that means it's working. The
>>> fact that npm is not in the distro is worse for the distro than it
>>> is for npm.
> That's certainly not going to help in any discussions to work with
> Debian. Maybe we would be best respecting the copyright holder's clearly
> stated wishes to keep this work out of Debian.

What he implies is that he'd rather keep npm in debian unstable.
For now that will automatically happen, because it depends on the
RC-buggy nodejs package.
We can do the same for npm and keep it in unstable until its author
is okay with long-term support.


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