On 05/07/12 17:38, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
On 12-07-05 at 04:34pm, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
On 30/06/12 17:45, Julien Cristau wrote:

jquery build-depends on node-uglify, which is not in testing.
This needs to be fixed before release somehow.

A solution might be to use yui-compressor as done prior to version
 1.7.2+debian-1. yui-compressor seems to be present in testing and
 doesn't have any (severe) bugs currently.

No recent severe bugs may have to do with it being inferior to other
 compressors and therefore less tested.

I'm not sure. Looking at the popcon stats, yui-compressor seems more
popular than uglifyjs. That doesn't say anything on their quality but
makes your argument mostly moot, imho.

Few projects provide regression tests for JavaScript code, so bugs
are seldom caught during build.  So switching compressor now has a
high risk of bugs not getting discovered before release.

AFAICS, you are testing it using JSHint… so even if you change the
compressor, you'll still be running JSHint on it, no? how does it make a
difference then? or do you run any other tests? (apologies if I missed

These are the alternatives I can see:

a) Switch to yui-compressor

b) Get Nodejs into Wheezy and keep using uglifyjs c) Provide only
uncompressed code

That would break reverse dependencies though (if there are relying in
their code on jquery.min.js).

d) Use upstream precompressed code

Please, no.

Both a) and b) requires changes to a bunch of packages (list
shortened by some of them already been kicked from Wheezy due to
this issue).

Why a) requires changes to a bunch of packages? AIUI, we are only
talking about jquery here and it already changes some bits of the build
system about uglifyjs.

Due to the risk of introducing new difficult-to-verify bugs a) is bad

I prefer b) but someone needs to do the social/political task of
finding an acceptable solution to the namespace clash.  For some
possible solutions someone then needs to implement it technically -
and then arguably it is too late.  So as I see it, b) is only
realistic if someone succeeds in solving the namespace clash problem
without needing much technical work to implement it.

Personally, I think that fixing the nameclash should not happen during
the freeze. ymmv though. After fixing that, one should wonder how to fix
the remaining rc-bug (about failed tests) :)



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