On 05/05/2013 22:45, Marcelo Jorge Vieira wrote:
> Hi Jérémy,
> What do you think about backport nodejs to wheezy?

When the migration from nodejs 0.6 to nodejs 0.10 is finished,
all new packages will go to testing and be good candidates for backports.

The current status is :

* nodejs 0.10, libv8-3.14 are in experimental
* node-gyp isn't but is not tested enough
* i haven't set up a migration yet. Give me a few days...
  Almost all modules will need to be updated, and all c++ addons
  be moved to node-gyp instead of node-waf.

However i don't think it is a good idea to backport npm, it is a
lot of work and being mostly a development tool, people will probably
better be using it in testing/sid.

Of course, as usual, any help is welcome.


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