Hello all,
let me introduce the problem (and myself): I try to learn packaging for
Debian in a group which wants to package diaspora for debian. I am not
experienced with packaging. Most of the dependencies of diaspora are
ruby-gems which are packaged using gem2deb. That is a workflow which
might differ from other ways to package. 

The ruby-gem    
has javascript plugins as dependencies. I tried to
build   libjs-jquery-timeago and the temporary result can be found
I searched at debian.wiki for javascript and i searched at alioth, but
can't find a how-to-package-javascript. I downloaded "apt-get source
libjs-jquery-fancybook" to get a template, but to my surprise it gave
me jquery-goodies-8. And no good template to work with. 
For that reason i didn't send an ITP yet (misses in debian/changelog)
and i didn't insert Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Git in debian/control). The
description in debian/control is not good. 

To make a long story short: What can i do? Does it make sense to go on
with that package. Can someone review it or can i find some more
detailed info somewhere? Or is it better to leave it to the
pkg-javascript-devel team and ask for it by a request to package
I looked at libjs-jquery-timeago yesterday, and simply ask if it makes
any sense to go on?

thanks and greetings

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