Hi Jerome,

> More than a few packages in Debian depend on the currently packaged
> version. Do you know if such an update would introduce incompatible
> changes?
> libjs-jquery-cookie
> Reverse Depends:
>   spip
>   spotweb
>   python-django-debug-toolbar
>   python-tables-doc
>   openstack-dashboard
>   spip
>   python-django-feincms
>   python-tables-doc
>   phpmyadmin
>   php-apigen
>   mediawiki
>   libkohana3.2-mod-userguide-php
>   libkohana3.1-mod-userguide-php
>   liblemonldap-ng-portal-perl
>   liblemonldap-ng-manager-perl
>   openstack-dashboard
>   galette
>   dotclear
>   dokuwiki
>   cacti

Thanks for the reply. I have checked the list above, and only galette
depends on a specific version of libjs-jquery-cookie, in this case (>= 8).

I guess the current version numbering was chosen because the source
package jquery-goodies contains many different libraries, with a variety
of upstream version numbers. Would it be a lot more work to create a
source package for each of the 23 binary packages?



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