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Le 26/03/2014 23:12, Emilien Klein a écrit :
> 2014-03-26 23:03 GMT+01:00 François-Régis <f...@miradou.com>:
> [snip]
>> I may be wrong but what we distribute is binary package, which should'nt
>> include minified version of source tarball but only ones we have built.
> I agree with the rest of your message, but must let you know that you
> are indeed wrong on this bit:
> Debian hosts and redistributes both the source package (containing
> .orig.tar.gz, .dsc, .debian.tar.gz) and the binary package (the .deb).
> As such, both the source package (in particular the upstream tarball)
> and the binary package need to comply with the Social Contract/Debian
> Free Software Guidelines.

Agree with you, the real question is where dfsg or any debian policy
prevents from providing obfuscated files in orig tarballs providing :

* they have source files
* they are rebuild in packaging process

Althought I've followed your (and Marcelloo) POV, I've not seen any
policy for that and David clearly said that it was not compliant whith
debian general policy (see previous post).

So if anybody could could point where it's not suitable to have minified
versions on orig tarballs...



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