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> 2014-03-29 9:17 GMT+01:00 Ben Finney <ben+deb...@benfinney.id.au>:
>>> I feel there is more value in shipping the upstream tarball (if we 
>>> can assure the minified file comes from the supplied source), as 
>>> repackaging is an extra step that could theoretically go wrong.
>> I think you're engaging in wishful thinking. The process you propose 
>> has more steps to go wrong, and more points of potential error, than 
>> simply dropping the non-source files from the source package.
> Well, my original suggestion is indeed much more simple than the 
> verification of upstream validity and the current policy to repackage: 
> leave the minified files in, as released by upstream under a license 
> that allows explicitly allows its redistribution.

...and blindly assume that source and minified file corresponds.

> As I've tried to explain before, I don't see what in DFSG §2 prevents 
> the inclusion of the minified file:

Correct - it does not prevent that.  We never said it prevents that.  
What it does is require source for any and all files we distribute.

> I argue that a tarball that contains the source for the program, along 
> with a minified file next to it is fulfilling "The program must 
> include source code".

That is quite possible, but not certain.

> DFSG §2 does not say something along the lines "The program must 
> *only* include the source code, excluding any files included by 
> upstream for the convenience of the user"

I fully agree.

I do not agree in blindly trusting upstream, however.

> I feel we are stuck. In the intent to bring this discussion to a 
> close, would you strongly disagree if I ask the question on the -devel 
> mailing list?
> I feel it would be beneficial (regardless of the way in which the 
> discussion goes there) to include developers that might have a broader 
> view of the landscape, maybe a bit less down into the specifics of js 
> packaging as we are. We can then record the final decision on our 
> policy page and close out this time-consuming discussion.

I recommend you to try address the questions raised by Ben.  Feel free 
to escalate to d-devel, but don't expect to have better luck there.

 - Jonas

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