Roland Mas, 2014-04-03 17:22:16 +0200 :

> François-Régis, 2014-04-01 23:08:00 +0200 :
>> Hi dears pkg-javascript members,
>> I've pushed jquery-simpletreemenu on anonscm [1], could someone have a
>> look at it and tell me how horrible it is ?
>   Not too much, from what I can see.
>> Thanks for all criticismes and advices.
>   I can't think of anything that should block the inclusion of this
> package in Debian.  If no official member of pkg-javascript steps up
> to do the upload, I'll do it in a few days.

  For some reason this fell through the cracks.  I'm doing the upload
right now.

Roland Mas

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