Quoting Leo Iannacone (2014-07-02 10:13:05)
> I would like to package mime-types for Debian.
>   https://github.com/expressjs/mime-types
> Now.. during build, upstream makes HTTP requests to get mime 
> information externally and stores that in local files (already present 
> in git repository) - see build.js file in the repository.
> As far as I remember, making internet connections during package-build 
> is not allowed (am I wrong?.. is it only for Ubuntu?).

Correct: Build must be deterministic (possible to replay), which 
excludes network access.

> On the other hand, as far as I understood, I should not include those 
> files already downloaded and parsed by build.js and stored in lib/* 
> directory...

Right - you lack source for files files.

> So, what can I do in this case?
> Allow internet connections during build or use pre-downloaded files ?

Would it perhaps be possible to put together a script that creates same 
data from the data shipped in mime-support package?  Then that script 
could either be used once at build time, or better be used at install 
time (stored below /usr/lib and symlinked from there if needed) and at 
will whenever the admin wants to update the database to reflect changes 
in master files.

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