Le mercredi 02 juillet 2014 à 10:13 +0200, Leo Iannacone a écrit :
> Hi,
> I would like to package mime-types for Debian.
>   https://github.com/expressjs/mime-types
> Now.. during build, upstream makes HTTP requests to get mime
> information externally and stores that in local files (already present
> in git repository) - see build.js file in the repository.
> As far as I remember, making internet connections during package-build
> is not allowed (am I wrong?.. is it only for Ubuntu?). On the other
> hand, as far as I understood, I should not include those files already
> downloaded and parsed by build.js and stored in lib/* directory...
> So, what can I do in this case?
> Allow internet connections during build or use pre-downloaded files ?

Absolutely not !
Source is downloaded, code-reviewed, copyright-reviewed, etc...
and only then it is build.

I suggest you just use what's already in debian :
/etc/mime.types in 'mime-support' package,
/usr/share/node-mime/node.types in 'node-mime' package.

that last one seems to be for mime types that are not official or maybe
not yet in debian. Could you check if it is possible to include them in
mime-support - or most of them ?


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