Hi David (and others,

Quoting David Prévot (2015-03-14 15:33:15)
> Le 14/03/2015 08:38, Sebastiaan Couwenberg a écrit :
>> I'm happy that I'm finally getting some feedback even though its 
>> triggered by a fuckup of mine, at least there is some dialog going.
> I’ve been subscribed to this list for almost two years now, and 
> unfortunately, it seems like there is not much positive feedback or 
> help one can expect from here.
> Not sure how we (or more realistically you, since I’m pretty tired of 
> the mud-throwing style of discussion here) may improve the current 
> status, be more welcoming and helpful to each other, but believe there 
> is room for improvement.

I appreciate this list - it is far better than not having it: I have 
found it helpful for coordination of packaging efforts.  I agree that 
our style and amount of dialogue can be improved, and welcome efforts 
towards that.

> Maybe a face to face meeting would help starting back on the right 
> foot? The upcoming DebConf (and DebCamp) may be a good opportunity, so 
> please, do register [1] and propose a team sprint [2] or at least an 
> event [3] if you believe this can help.

I will attend the upcoming Debconf + Debcamp, and would be happy to meet 
face to face then (but not all of Debcamp - I am involved quite a few 
places).  I will also try make a better job of responding here on the 
list - reason I have often kept silent is to not bother with my arguably 
odd cdbs packaging style (I assume most here use short-form dh and - 
like myself - dislike embracing multiple styles).

@David: Will you initiate a "sprint" for us at Debcamp?

 - Jonas

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