2015-09-24 14:42 GMT+02:00 Daniel Pocock <dan...@pocock.pro>:

> This is failing because node-nan 2.x is now in unstable
> I've filed a bug upstream requesting support for node-nan 2.x

This is the right thing to do.

> Maybe both old and new versions of node-nan will be needed in stretch?

This isn't ! The idea is to move forward to nodejs 4 / nan 2.
Maintaining legacy modules is more time-consuming than porting them
to nan 2.x - a task that i can do but that is best done by upstream.

Since the two files built using node-gyp and node-nan have been taken
from node-ws, and since node-ws has already been ported to node-nan 2,
i suggest to be patient...

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