Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2016-02-12 14:22:19)
> > > Quoting Thomas Goirand (2016-02-12 08:27:12)
> > >> I would like to package a web app which contains Javascript 
> > >> stuff, which are using npm + gulp (to disclose everything: I am 
> > >> packaging fuel-web).
> I am confident that all especially interested in javascript packaging 
> are happy to subscribe to our javascript-specific mailinglist.
> So yes, please do follow-up there only.

No, with "there" I did not mean me discretely.

I suggest, no *recommend*, that you discuss javascript packaging at the 
mailinglist for the javascript packaging team.

If your mails get held back, then maybe there is something wrong 
somewhere.  Perhaps you simply need to wait a bit for your mails to be 

If you feel the mailinglist is badly configured then I suggest you 
discuss that with... the team! We can be reached on irc too - it is 
documented at our wiki page https://wiki.debian.org/Javascript - or if 
you wanna complain about the whole team then perhaps do so to the Alioth 

Emailing single team members and threaten to hijack the list if not 
whitelisted is not really a good approach in my opinion.

Have you joined the team?  Did you subscribe to the mailinglist yet?

 - Jonas

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