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Package: npm2deb
Version: 0.2.5-1
Severity: whishlist
Tags: patch

Hi Leo,

as you know, not every developer of npm modules does release a tarball for new versions. Some of them commit something to github and just put the new
version in their package.json.

With this patch npm2deb is able to work with such repositoies.
If you do something like (the -b is new):
 ./npm2deb.py  create -b hashish
it will create a different debian/watch file (just saying that you can not use uscan to get a new version), it will add a new target

Is that a good idea? Not having an actual URL in debian/watch? When obtaining upstream projects from Github, I recommend using a watch file of this kind:

opts=filenamemangle=s/.*\/v?([\d\.-]+)\.tar\.gz/<PKGNAME>-$1.tar.gz/ \
https://github.com/<USER-OR-ORG>/<UPSTREAMPROJECT>/tags .*/archive/v?([\d\.]+).tar.gz

This, although not used with uscan, provides upstream release tracking in DDPO.

get-orig-source to debian/rules and it will create a debian/get-orig-source script that pulls the latest commit from the repository, creates a orig.tar and puts something like X.Y.Z~gitHHHH as version in debian/changelog.

This we may need to improve. E.g.:

  o pull latest tag, not HEAD from a Github repo
  o pull HEAD from a non-default branch

What do you think of it?

Thanks for working on this!


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