On Fri, 10 Jun 2016, Mike Gabriel wrote:
With this patch npm2deb is able to work with such repositoies.
If you do something like (the -b is new):
./npm2deb.py  create -b hashish
it will create a different debian/watch file (just saying that you can not use uscan to get a new version), it will add a new target

Is that a good idea?

Yes, it is. Of course npm2deb already creates a watch file similar to your suggestion. But it can only do this if the author of the npm-module does some kind of release management. My patch, which introduces the -b option (--build-from-git), is only for those modules where there is no release management. In this case there are no tags and DDPO won't get anything to track, so a watch file makes no sense

This we may need to improve. E.g.:

o pull latest tag, not HEAD from a Github repo

Depending on the contents of package.json, npm2deb already does this in "normal" operation mode, doesn't it?

o pull HEAD from a non-default branch

I don't think this is a common use case. If you want to have such a behaviour, you might edit the get-orig-source-script ...


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