Quoting Pirate Praveen (2016-07-10 18:40:53)
> This is not a minified file, only browserified. Though ideally we 
> should browserify it in debian, grunt is still not packaged. Since its 
> still a human readable and modifiable format, I don't think DFSG 
> applies here.

The requirement of source format of redistributed code is not about it 
being possible/easy to edit by those receiving it¹, but about it being 
in the format preferred by _upstream_ to edit - e.g. for passing patches 

If "browserifying" is a process simple to apply and revert, then ship 
the code _not_ browserified and browserify during install (yes, I 
understand that the tool upstream uses for that process is not yet in 
Debian - which either means you need to imitate that process or that it 
is _not such simple process).

 - Jonas

¹ If that was the case, then minified code - unlike compiled code - 
could be processed through a beatifier (e.g. "uglifyjs --beautify").

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