Control: reassign -1 src:libjs-handlebars
Control: retitle -1 libjs-handlebars: source package contains files whose 
source is not in Debian

On 10-Jul-2016, Pirate Praveen wrote:

> This is not a minified file, only browserified.

Since neither of those terms is particularly meaningful for the bug
report, and the difference is not relevant to the actual issue, I'm
retitling to accurately state what the bug is.

The source package distributes files whose source form is not in

Those files may not be in Debian without the source form of the work
also being in a Debian source package; and all the build tools and
scripts to generate the compiled form also needs to be in Debian.

> When node-grunt is available in the archive, we can consider
> browserifying.

That sounds good. Until then, the non-source files need to be removed
from the source package.

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