2016-07-20 1:23 GMT+02:00 Ben Finney <ben+deb...@benfinney.id.au>:

> On 19-Jul-2016, Don Armstrong wrote:
> > And now that enough people have read [the bug discussing whether
> > compiled JavaScript is source], we probably could have
> > re-implemented grunt by now and solved the libjs-handlebars problem.
> Perhaps not a complete re-implementation of Grunt. But there is a
> clear desire for a JavaScript compiler: a program that takes several
> input JavaScript files, and compiles them to a single generated file.
> Can we come up with a specification of that job, sufficient to package
> in Debian for use where upstream packages use Grunt to “browserify”
> libraries?
> Ideally it should not be based on Grunt source, so that it's clear to
> implement just this tool without entanglement of existing programs not
> yet in Debian.

FYI a similar approach has been implemented in browserify-lite.
The case at hand (handlebars) requires more features like the ones provided
by babel.

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