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> Perhaps not a complete re-implementation of Grunt. But there is a
> clear desire for a JavaScript compiler: a program that takes several
> input JavaScript files, and compiles them to a single generated file.
> Can we come up with a specification of that job, sufficient to package
> in Debian for use where upstream packages use Grunt to “browserify”
> libraries?

Here is a dialogue exploring the “why use Grunt?” issue
The respondent gives enthusiastic advocacy, which may or may not be
warranted; either way, it should be helpful to know what its advocates
believe it should be used for.

There are many JavaScript source distributions that are presently
difficult to package because of their reliance on Grunt features, and
Grunt is not in Debian.

What features do we need in a tool, available in the Debian archives,
that would allow much easier packaging of those JavaScript

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