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> I am about to add some JavaScript binary packages to Debian, but I was 
> really wondering what the current ideas are with respect to source 
> packages. There are a lot of jquery plugins packaged in the 
> jquery-goodies package, but also several (a lot?) of plugins are 
> packaged separately. What is the current consensus: should new plugins 
> be packages via the jquery-goodies package or stand-alone or does it 
> depend? Are there reasons to choose one or the other?

You should track each upstream project.

Easiest way to do that is to package each (real!) upstream as a separate 
Debian source package.

You might alternatively track indirectly either via an intermediate 
pseudo-upstream or via bundling multiple upstream into a single Debian 
source package - but I doubt that will work reliably, and continue to do 
so over time.  And I doubt it works well for current bundle packages!

> A relate question: JavaScripts are often "combined" with Grunt. What 
> is the current status/stance of including those in Debian. I am 
> normally of the opinion that everything should be build from source, 
> but I can also be somewhat pragmatic if required. JavaScript that is 
> combined is still very readable and changeable and I have the idea 
> that there is a lot of JavaScript in Debian that isn't "build from 
> source".

You must include source.

Easiest way to do that is to only include source - i.e. the form 
preferred by (real!) upstream as basis for their development.

You might alternatively ensure in other ways that source is included, 
e.g. by build-depending on other packages shipping the source and 
implementing build rules checking that processing (minifying, 
concatenation, whatever) of both real source and your included files 
produce identical result.  But I am highly sceptical that it will be 
simpler, or that you can come up with an approach that ftpmasters, 
release managers, and Debian in general will agree complies with DFSG 
if/when they actually look closely at what you implement (but obviously 
you might succeed at first with getting it into Debian if they don't).

Hope that helps.

 - Jonas

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