Quoting Paul Gevers (2016-10-07 15:33:39)
> First off, you voice my opinion, and fortunately you don't mention 
> anything new (to me). The reason why I asked is because what I observe 
> in packages maintained by this team (which is new to me).

This team is very loose - which means some in the team package in a 
style others do not agree with.

> On 07-10-16 15:21, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> Quoting Paul Gevers (2016-10-07 14:09:43)
>>> A relate question: JavaScripts are often "combined" with Grunt. What 
>>> is the current status/stance of including those in Debian.
> You didn't really answer this question. As far as I am aware, but 
> maybe I am wrong, there were issues with getting Grunt into Debian. Or 
> is that issue already solved.

Sorry if I was unclear.

In my *personal* opinion, concatenated source is not upstream preferred 
form and therefore not the ideal for us to redistribute as source and 
therefore not something that I personally would treat as such.

I believe we as *team* do not have different rules than Debian in 
general regarding what is permitted and what is not in source packages.

No, grunt was not in Debian last I checked.  What I would do is try 
mimic with other tools what grunt does.  I would so such mimicing during 
*build* from true non-concatened non-minified sources included in source 
package, due to my personal opinion described above.

 - Jonas

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