On 2016, നവംബർ 28 10:27:15 PM IST, Paolo Greppi <paolo.gre...@libpf.com> wrote:
>Hi this is opinionated but very useful. I have a couple of newbie
>Did you try these scripts on Debian stable as host ?

No, I have not tried.

>Why do we need two virtualization systems (schroot for sbuild & lxc for
>autopkgtest) ?

I did not write these, my intention was to share the usefulness of the tool. I 
hope Antonio, who wrote this, will clarify.

I guess its because lxc has better isolation and can offer a closer environment 
to real world so that is used for autopkgtest while a chroot is lighter and is 
enough for build environment.

>Would it be possible to use only one (for example lxc) ?

It could be done, but then it would diverge from the buildd configuration, so 
successful builds in lxc may not succeed in debian auto builders.
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